Pokemon evolve from being happy?

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Pokemon evolve from being happy?

Post  Jay on Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:14 am

Once again yes. You can increase a Pokemon's happiness in many ways. The simplest is walking around with the Pokemon in your party, battling and growing them, but not letting them faint. You can also give them a Soothe Bell to hold, which will increase happiness at double the rate. You can also give your Pokemon massages at various places and certain berries raise happiness.

Pichu → Pikachu
Cleffa → Clefairy
Igglybuff → Jigglypuff
Golbat → Crobat
Happiny → Chansey holding Oval Stone
Chansey → Blissey
Eevee → Espeon Daytime
Eevee → Umbreon Nighttime
Munchlax → Snorlax
Togepi → Togetic
Azurill → Marill
Budew → Roselia Daytime
Chingling → Chimecho Nighttime
Buneary → Lopunny
Riolu → Lucario Daytime
Woobat → Swoobat
Swadloon → Leavanny

Not sure how much of this applies to Pokemon Cyrus, but still a helpful guide.

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