XP and Level

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XP and Level

Post  Jay on Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:25 am

Okay bare with me here, as I try to break this down the best way I can. This will be trial and error as well as math break down. Once again bare with me.

Need a formal math function that goes up each time there is a level gained.

Congratulations Gengar Reached Level 41 | 21,490 XP to Level 42!

We need to create a math function that we can apply to this effectively and creatively.

My suggestion would be to get a set number that doubles or goes up by .5% every level so that 21,490 (example) will increase slightly with each level. Then use the math funtion to do every level through 100 or whatever the end level cap will be.

This will be one of the harder configurations to put into the game and is going to need the thought given. Look into it and post what you think will work out and we'll try to see how it applies.

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