Key Commands

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Key Commands

Post  Jay on Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:40 am

This is a list of all In game Commands.

*work in progress. I am still partly new and don't know them all. So please post those i do no know/missed*

In game commands are commands that u enter in the chat box that have a disired effect.
Chat Commands:
' = by typing " ' " before the message you do mass talk. This is the Cell/Donator if you donated chat u see. Free for Donators, 50 zeny for non.
, = by typing " , " before ur message you will send chat to only your faction if you are in a faction. This is for TR/Police chat. If you like to talk and convo, TR is for you. If your boring, the Police is your calling.
. = By typing " . " Before your message you will only chat with your crew members.

Misc Commands
@help = Displays a small list of some of the commands available.
@summon <name> = TR/police leader can summon someone
@strip = Takes all equips off
@rescue = Warps anyone on your position,must be selected target and on same map.
@defend = Warps Akatsuki Members to their base
@camo = Removes TR hat (not functional yet)
@skills = Brings up skills menu

Zeny Commands
@withdraw = withdraws 1000z, Can view balances at PokeCenters
@deposit = deposits 1000z, Can view balances at PokeCenters
@zeny x = gives your target 1000z when a target is selected (x = amount of zeny to give)
@gamble = plays for 500z - Unsure if this is active or not.

Crew commands
@create <Crewname> = Can not use spaces
Good: @create TheTheocracy
Good: @create The_Theocracy
Bad: @create The Theocracy
This will name ur crew The.
To create a crew it cost 60k but you are required 100k in hand.
@crew_leave = leaves crew
@crew_recall / @recall_crew =only work in cw zone recalls crew to your position.
@promote <crewmembernumber> = Promotes Crew members, Number found in roster list.
@demote <crewmembernumber> = Demotes Crew members, Number found in roster list.
@expel Name = Kicks player from crew

NOTE: This was take from,

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